Q.  When are the maintenance fees due?

A.  All fees are due for 2017 by January 31, 2018.  After that there will be a late fee assessed.

Q.  How often are there Board Meetings?

A.  The Board meets generally every second Tuesday of every other Month.  There will always be a sign posted at the main entrances when leaving the subdivision the Friday before the meeting.

Q.  Can anyone attend the meeting?

A.  We encourage all homeowners to attend each meeting.  Each meeting begins at 7:00 pm.  We have open session at that time.  This is when the Board talks about and votes on issues that pertain to the community as a whole.  After the open session the Board will go to “executive session” where they will listen to individual homeowner private question and concerns as they pertain to their property.

Q.  What is the name of the Management Company and how do I get hold of them?

A.  You can contact Genesis Community Management and our representative at:

    Sera Falconer

    Association Manager

    Genesis Community Management

    9700 Richmond, Suite 230

    Houston, Texas 77042

    Phone: 713-953-0808

    Fax: 713-952-3972


     You can also reach them through this web site

Q.  Can I pay my dues on line?

A.  Yes, and you can check your balance.  Just log into Genesis off of our web site.


Q.  I received a complaint about my trash can being in view from the street.  I usually keep it behind the fence but for some reason it was left out.  That was the first time it has happened.  Why should I get a letter?

A.  Anyone who has a violation should get a letter.  If it was the only time then you won’t have anything to be concerned about.  Your community appreciates your efforts.

Q.  How often and when are the inspections for Deed Restrictions?

A.  The full inspections are done once a month with follow-ups done as needed.  Generally these are done close to the end of the month.

Q.  I got a letter saying that I need to paint my house, but I do not have the money right now.  What should I do?

A.  The first thing that you should do is contact the Management Company and let them know.  If you can give them a time frame of when you could accomplish the job they can submit it to the Board and the extension would more than likely be granted.  It is very important that you should take care of the violation within that time frame.  Communication is one of the most important things.

Q.  I received a letter informing me that my trim is in need of repair and painting.  Di I need to send a request to the Board for approval?

A.  If you are repainting your house the same color that was approved before then you do not need approval, but if you are changing the color or shade then you will need approval from the ACC (Architecture Control Committee).  The form can be sent to you from Genesis or you can print it from this Web Site.

Q.  I have kept my trash can on the side of my house for 20 years and now I am being asked to put it somewhere else.  Why are they picking on me now?

A.  You are not being singled out.  Since the beginning of Woodland Trails it has been a violation to have any trash container within view of the street.  For many years this was not a major problem and cans put neatly on the side of the house were ignored.  Over the past three years the problem has escalated to trash being kept at the front door, in the drive way, on the side walk,...with other trash stacked around it.  In order to enforce the restrictions we cannot address the major violators without addressing all of them.

Q.  I received a letter about the landscaping that I did in my front yard.  Why should this concern the association?

A.  99% of all landscaping is not a problem, but anytime you make a major physical change to your landscape you need to get approval from the ACC (and sometimes the City of Houston).  This is mainly to protect you from unnecessary expenses later.  Sometimes major changes with flowerbeds, walk ways, etc. Can affect the gradation of the property and may also require a city permit.  This many times occurs when raised or walled flower beds or constructed.

Q.  Can I plant trees or shrubs between the sidewalk and the street?

A.  Yes, but if you have questions you should submit a request from the ACC.  Remember what you plant now may be pretty, but as it matures it could disrupt foundations, sidewalks, driveways, streets, etc....

Q.  Can I put shrubs on the house side of the sidewalk?

A.  You can plant single shrubs and trees in you yard away from the house.  The tree or shrubs may not block the view of the house from the street.  Shrubs in the flowerbed adjacent to the house are permitted.  Shrubs not in the flowerbed adjacent to the house may not be planted in groups as to form a natural fence in the front of the home.

Q.  Can anything be done about the cars parking in front of my home?

A.  The street is a pubic right-of-way and therefore it is all right for anyone to park there in a legal manner.  They may not block a driveway, fireplug or mailbox.  They also must park the legal amount of inches from the curb.  If you feel they are in violation the police department may be contacted and they will investigate, issue a citation or possibly remove the vehicle if they find them in violation.  Parked vehicles also my not impede traffic on the street.

Q.  I received a letter about an old car that I have in my driveway.  It is not blocking ar hurting anyone.  Why is this a problem?

A.  It is a violation to have any vehicle that is inoperable or having expired tags in view from the street.  If you vehicle has broken down and you intend to repair it yourself just notify Genesis and let them know when it will be repaired and they can allow you a reasonable amount of time.

Q.  I see cars and trailer parked in the grass of some residence.  I thought this was against restrictions.  

A.  It is against deed restrictions to park any vehicle or trailer in the grass (yard) of any residence.  This is also in the process of being a City of Houston restriction.

Q.  How tall can I build my fence and does it require an approval from the ACC?

A.  If you are repairing or replacing an existing fence with the same style and material, then an approval is not required, as long as the existing fence met requirements.  A permit from the City will be needed if the fence is OVER 8 feet in height.

Q.  What can be done about the 4 wheelers and dirt bikes that run up and down the street and on the Bayou?

A.  It is against the law for any motorized vehicle that is not licensed and permitted to ride on city streets or sidewalks.  It is also illegal to ride a motorized vehicle on any part of the Bayous in the City of Houston or Harris County.  911 should be called if someone’s life is in danger, but the non-emergency HPD number (713) 884-3131 should be used to report violation.